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3rd Law of Potion - "For every potion, there is an equal and opposite anti-potion." Welcome to the world of wizardry! It's potions class time, and you're having a competition to figure out who is the best potion mixer amongst the students! Try to beat your school's long-standing record to have your place in the eternal hall of fame!

3rd Law of Potion, a potion-mixing mobile game is a game made  by VUMPUS Group, during "Game Design" -course (Spring 2020) in Turku University of Applied Sciences.

The game itself has the player, as a wizarding student, taking part in a potions class, where they're having a competition to see who is the fastest and most precise in mixing potions. The goal is to beat the school's long standing record, and if the player manages to do this, they get to continue to a bigger competition which brings more challenges to the table. (Though this progress system wasn't implemented.)

This game was a Bit1 finalist in 2020 and won 3rd place!

VUMPUS Group was:
Jarno Salo - Game Design, Audio
Melissa Laakso - Code
Eero Kurkela - Code
Sally Makkonen - Graphics
Noora Takkinen - Graphics


3rdLawOfPotion.apk 51 MB

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